Error initializing communications with LMS

Hi everyone

I know there have been a few topics on this already but just wanted to see if anyone had experienced this recently. All of a sudden today none of our courses created in Articulate are launching on our LMS. There were no issues last week with all launching ok. The message is "Error initializing communications with LMS" 

Nothing has changed as far as I am aware. Can anyone provide any advice?



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Kristal Vance


We are currently experiencing this with 1 of 3 nearly identical Rise courses we recently added to our LMS (attached error code).

  • All three courses launch successfully the first time
  • If you close & re-launch the courses - only 1 of the 3 courses generates this error
  • If you complete the course without re-launching, you pass successfully

They are all published in SCORM 1.2 & I've tested in a SCORM cloud, and it runs and relaunches without error. 

Any suggestions? 

Thank you in advance!

Bill King


I think I have a similar though not exactly same issue.. I'm having problems with getting videos published in SCORM 2004 (a client requirement)  and tested on SCORMCloud to play properly on a smart phone. I'm trying to set the videos to "open in new browser window" which works but when I close the new browser window I get an "error initializing communications with lms" msg, which I'm presuming is because I'm opening a new browser window but wondering if there may be a workaround.

A little more detail/background, I'm trying to do this as a workaround for other issues I'm having playing videos on iphone 8 and other devices which are, 1) when the videos play in-page, the video controls don't work/display properly in landscape (and the course needs to/is built to display in landscape) and also 2) the safari URL bar on top and Nav bar on bottom pop up when tapping band or next buttons and obscure 15% of the content on the top and bottom, which can be resolved by rotating b/w portrait and landscape but that's not great. I''m hoping there is some mix of 'triage and  treatment' someone can suggest or help point me to that could enable me to include videos in this necessarily mobile-friendly course (modern player, chromeless). I am trying to avoid using Rise b/c it's a huge course and for other reasons.  

Any thoughts greatly appreciated. 


Alyssa Gomez

Hi, Bill. Our team is seeing an issue in Storyline 360 where the video controls don't appear correctly on tablets or mobile phones.

You had the right idea by opening a case and sharing your file. That way, we can test it on our end to be sure what you're seeing is related to the bug I mentioned.

You'll hear back from our team as soon as they've tested your file!

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Andrew,

I don't see that the initial issue discussed here and filed with our team was specific to a certain browser, but it would help to test your course and know a bit more about how it's set up!

What version of Storyline are you using? If you go to the Help Tab - > About Articulate Storyline you’ll see the version and update number listed there, in the bottom right corner. 

If you're able to share a link to the course here, that'll help us continue our testing and troubleshooting too.