Error loading story_content/data.xml: error...

Aug 02, 2012

Hi all,

I published a Storyline course and all works well. I selected "Include HTML5 output" to try that out, but when I attempt to view the output, my browser (Chrome) throws the following error: "The page at file://localhost/ says: Error loading story_content/data.xml: error".

Has anyone encountered this? If so, what could be causing this and are there any known workarounds or solutions?


Eric Rohrer

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Eric Rohrer

So, I've gotten past the error message above by republishing, however, I'm still having issues with HTML5 output. Before I submit at 230Mb story file for analysis, here is what I'm finding...

  • When I launch the output in Chrome on a PC, the course now runs - however, there is one slide with a video in it that is set to autoplay within the timeline. However, it is not visible on the slide
  • When I launch the output in Chrome on a MAC, Chrome crashes almost instantaneously
  • When I launch the output in Safari on a MAC, the course runs (actually, Safari has been the best experience). However, when I get to the slide with the video, the video displays the 1st frame only (does not play the video)
Peter Anderson

Hey Matt, 

Regarding Chrome, a bug in the integrated Flash Player for Google Chrome (i.e., the Pepper plugin) that was released on July 31, 2012 does not support trusted locations. As a result, communication between the Flash Player and your Articulate content is denied when the content is viewed locally, which causes various features in your content to fail. This article will tell you more. 
Mind submitting a case for anything beyond that so we can learn more about it? Thanks!
vinayak kadam

Hey Peter,

Thanks for your reply. I just read the whole thread again and I observed that apart from me the one who got this issue also has the story size above 200 MB's....I will just try to reduce my size a little bit by deleting a few scenes and check if it resolves the issue though it would not be a perfect solution.....

Thanks once again mate!

As ever,


vinayak kadam

Hello Peter,

I deleted a few scenes and thsat resolved my issue. So basically now I can conclude that story size was the issue. Can you please let me know a few guidelines regarding story sizes and visible issues noted till date if the story sizes are very high?

Also should I log a support request ? If yes then what all info should I provide to them ?

Thanks once again for your kind consideration!

As ever,


Peter Anderson

Hi Vinayak, 

Thanks so much for sharing your findings. Sorry that you're experiencing the issue, but we really appreciate you offering ideas to work around it. Currently, we don't have any specific advice on managing large files, as we're still determining if / why that would cause errors. I do see several other users receiving the same error as you, so if you wouldn't mind submitting a case so that we can learn more about the error, we would be extremely appreciative. 

You can open a ticket here, and you'll be able to upload your .story file on the second page of the link, if you're able. Thanks once again for your help!

Navin Lodhi

Hi Peter,

I have also faced the similar problem when launched the LMS version from iPad, however it works fine on chrome and other desktop browser. my story size is 180 MB and my LMS output size is 71 MB, surprisingly non LMS version works great with the articulate storyline player without any issues.

Please let me know if there is any update on this.



Peter Anderson

Hi Navin, 

We aren't aware of any specific slide number limitation, nor file size maximum. Naturally though, the larger the file, the more stress it will put on your system as well as your LMS when loading it. 

I'm glad to hear that it seems to be playing properly now, but please don't hesitate to contact our support team if you experience any similar behavior in the future. Thanks!

Isa David

Hmmmm. I just published a rather light module of 10MB with HTML5 output, but not for the mobile player and not with Scorm tracking. I then uploaded it to the tempshare site and it launches from my destop (IE8) but I get the following error message when I try to launch in Safari on iPad: error loading story_content/data.xml: error

Any ideas on how to resolve this? I will open a ticket....

Oksana Galii

Hi all,

I have the same problem with HTML5 output, story_content/data.xml: error. The problem is that file mobile/data.js is missing in our output folder. Storyline simply doesn't create it. The HTML5 data is stored in the "mobile/data.js" file.

You might have the same problem. Just check you output folder and see if mobile/data.js exists.

We try to find a way to fix it, but I'm pretty sure that's the Storyline bug.

Dan Veltri


I am getting the same  "data.xml" error with Storyline.  Even with a small project, when I publish it, and look in the story_content folder that is generated, there is no data.xml file. I tried repairing the installation and rebooting several times, also tried it with projects large and small, and still getting the same thing. Can you help?

Peter Anderson

Really sorry for the trouble, Dan. 

And you're only working on your local drive, as opposed to a network or USB drive, correct?

We've also seen this surface with specific anti-virus software. Might be worth looking into that. Otherwise, we'd be happy to have you open a ticket with the support team so they can help get this squared away. 


Dave Robertson

I have a need to add quite a bit of high def video into a Storyline project.  The total video size for all 37 slides comes to about 2 Gig.  I'm not sure what size that would be when I publish it.  Assuming I publish at the highest level (9), would that end up being too big and cause problems as far as anyone knows?

Christine Hendrickson

Hi there Karen,

A large Articulate Storyline course may display the following error message when launching HTML5 output:

"Error loading story_content/data.xml: error"

This is a known issue. It'll be fixed in the next software update for Storyline. In the meantime, you'll need to view the course in a desktop browser or the Articulate Mobile Player app for iPad. Another option would be to split the large course into two or more smaller courses.

Hopefully we'll have more information on the upcoming update soon. Hopefully one of those suggested workarounds will help with your current project.



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