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Matt Bolton

I am getting the same error message today. It said, "We're sorry. Something went wrong with Articulate Storyline and it might close." I am trying to upload to my Dropbox public folder. I tried numerous times yesterday and a few times already today.

Could this be a Dropbox issue?

I am attaching a screenshot of the error message along with a screenshot of the Articulate dialog box that appears when I hit publish.

I was working on this last week and had no problem when I tried to publish to Dropbox.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Matt!

I cannot see a screenshot, but it sounds like you are getting a generic message.

Are you able to unable to publish any project or only having problem with the one? Are you working locally?

If it is just the one project, I would suggest importing into a new file.

If it's multiple files, I would advise a repair of your software.

Matt Bolton

I can send you screenshots if you would like. I currently only have one Storyline 2 project in the works. I have tried to import it into a new project and publish it this way.

I have tried to publish it to a folder on my desktop and to a folder in my dropbox, which is on the C drive.

When I hit publish, the progress bar finishes very quickly and then spits out the error message.

I found out how to repair Storyline 2 and followed the instructions to download and extract the sl2 cleanup. I reinstalled Storyline 2 and tried to create a new project. No luck. Same error message.