Error Message: Error generating the XML document

Can anyone recommend a fix (and/or cause) for the following error: 

The project file could not be saved.

There was an error generating the XML document. 

I have saved this document a couple times today.  Now I'm ready to publish and post.  When I tried saving again for the final time, I received the preceding message.  I had only been polishing grammar etc. 

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Greg Hagar

 I am also getting this error. Update 7 installed. Frequent errors and crashes on save with SL2 occurring on a near daily basis now. Variety of errors - no disk space, locked processes, can't generate xml. Following all the usual fixes (rebooting / updating / reinstalling / working from local files / clearing temp files ).

I like using SL2, but these long running and persistent issues are getting very, very old.

Greg Hagar

Hi Leslie,

Thanks for the reply. I can only mention that the XML error appeared immediately after clearing %temp%\articulate and trying to save. In the meantime, I've worked with the IT department here to extend the partition I'm using to see if that helps - so far so good. If problems reappear I will definitely contact the support team and let you know how it all plays out.