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Judy Hogan

I have found that sometimes the file is actually saving.  Sometimes not.  What I've done is open Windows Explorer and watched the time stamp on the file.  If it changes, then typically the updates I've made have been saved. 

I think at one time I used the undo function and tried to save after each undo.  If I recall correctly, it may have been some navigation buttons that were causing the problem.  But I've not had the time to explore and have not received any responses from the case I submitted.

Peter Anderson

Welcome to Heroes, Melissa!

If you're having issues saving the .STORY file, check to make sure that you're saving your file on your local drive (typically your C drive) and not on a network shared drive which may cause erratic behavior. 

If you are working on your local drive, try to create a new .STORY file and see if you can import the contents of your slide into the new slide. 

If you're still encountering the same issue, this article may help. 

Please let us know if the problem continues, and welcome again!

Nicola Briggs

This happens to me all the time as I store all my work and a network drive.  Sometimes for no apparent reason it just won't save the file to it's current saved location.  As a work around, I save the file to the desktop and then save again - it then lets me save the file back to the network drive.  This isn't ideal but it works!