Error message opening a course in Storyline 360

We've recently transitioned to Storyline 360 and every so often when I open a .story file (which lives on my c: drive) I receive this error message. Since the .story file is on my local disk, I know another process isn't using it and I have full admin rights to my PC. By clicking OK, the error disappears and when I try to open the file again, it opens normally. This has happened on multiple .story files. All were imported from SL2 if that makes a difference. Beyond the fact that the error is annoying, I'm hoping that it is not indicative of a wider issue. 

Any insight?


Storyline360 error




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Jerry Beaucaire

There are no duplicates, I have a pretty organized system for our eLearning library.   I got that message on a new course I was working on, on an old one I opened to make a tweak from last year.

For me, I get the message when I doubleclick a .story file to launch SL and open the file.  When SL finishes loading I then get that message.  I dismiss the message and immediately click the same file icon from the Recent Files and it opens.   Weird!

I had it in my head that the file had gotten locked for editing when I double-clicked it, so the same session that was launched was somehow also locked out of it's own targeted file by things executing in the wrong order.   W.A.G.

Richard Ekparian

There are no duplicates for me either. My experience has been the same as Jerry's. I'll verify in the morning, but I'm pretty sure I've also experienced the issue when launching a file that's been pinned/displayed in the Start menu (which I'm assuming is basically like double-clicking the file).

FWIW, we're using Windows 7 Enterprise. 

Mark Bitleris

Thank you Lauren. I too have been receiving this error message just about every time I attempt to open an existing file. This bug was supposedly fixed with an update a while back but it's back in full force now. Renaming the file to open it is a work around, not a fix. But thank you for the help in allowing us to actually continue working with the software provided in our subscription.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Mark and welcome to E-Learning Heroes :)

Thanks for reaching out and letting us know that you're running into a similar issue.

Here are some of the common causes why you encounter an error like this:

  1. You are working on a network or external drive and not your local drive (usually the C:\ drive). See this article for more information.
  2. Your computer has an automatic backup or syncing software that runs in the background and access your files including Storyline 360 files.
  3. Your company's network, firewall or anti-virus software caused the process or the file to lock up. You can check with your network admin to open port 443 and allowlist the domains in this article for your Articulate 360 apps to work properly.

If you are able to confirm that none of the above caused the issue, I would recommend following the troubleshooting steps here to fix the issue with Storyline 360.