Error Message Received: UI_AdminVistaNotice11

Aug 03, 2017

I received the above message just recently (still have Storyline 1).  Contacted Articulate 3 days ago and nothing.  I found an article that stated it was something to do with converting to Windows 10 - I did that a year ago and just now have the issue.  I followed the instructions on how to "fix" the error, but I still receive the error message.  Is there anyone out there that can assist me?

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Crystal Horn

Hi Wade and George!  I think Windows 10 might have gone through an update, and sometimes that can affect activations.

For Storyline 1 (even though it is not officially supported for Windows 10), you can usually just right-click your Storyline icon on the desktop and choose to Run as administrator.

It should launch Storyline and allow you to activate successfully.

Let me know if either of you run into any issues with that!

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