Error message when learners access Storyline SCORM

Hi intelligent people,

Since the company I work for moved to an Oracle Cloud LMS for Learning our staff have reported issues for some SCORM content when using both Chrome and IE browsers to access the learning. Note this issue did not occur on the previous LMS platform. 

Not all SCORM appears to be impacted, however most of our SCORM has been developed in Storyline where this is occuring.  

The common error message is displayed as follows which appears in a pop up box which results in closing the browser to start again. 

Has any Storyline developer or user of a LMS come across this issue previously? 

There was an article on this forum a few years ago which suggested re publishing which I have, however the incident continues. 

Any suggestions is appreciated. Thanks

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Trent Rosen

Hi Randy

Thanks for the reply.

Out Option is set to SCORM 1.2

Properties: HTML5 Only

Player: Modern Storyline Player

Quality: Custom optimisation

Publish - Entire Project

Tacking: Complete course trigger

Is this what you asked for?

This is the kicker the error messages are challenging to replicate and can happen within any slide whether it is a static slide with text and graphic, or one with an embedded video. 

Trent Rosen


See below



Title: Name of the course

Descr: Empty

Idnetifer: 6dgQ3DwZrtG_course_id

Version - 1

LMS Lession SCORM Info

Title: Name of course

Identifier: Name of Course

LMS Reporting



Radio button Track using complete course trigger - has been selected.

Does this help?


Trent Rosen

Hi Leslie

Appreciate the reply. A SR was raised over 3 months ago with our LMS provider and still awaiting some solution. 

The packages we have a large in file size and exceeds the SCORM free Cloud testing. Will need to look into a paid subscription to test. 

Alysha mentions that the SCORM in Storylne is 1.2 but her LMS 2004. I'll need to check where this information resides in our LMS Admin.

Our implementation partner is requesting we raise a ticket with Articulate to further investigate if the error is related to the SCORM files. How would I raise a ticket?


Katie Riggio

Appreciate you continuing to reach out, Trent! I know it can be challenging when the error occurs intermittently.

Have you tried any of these approaches? And no need to purchase an account, we got you covered with troubleshooting in SCORM Cloud!

I opened a case for you to work closely with our Support team where they will reach out by email shortly. Here is the unique upload link from your case if you can share the .story file. Our team will run some tests, and delete it after. (You can always submit a case here!) 

You're in skilled hands, and I'll follow along!