Error Message when Opening a File

I recently installed the latest update to my computer, and since then I receive an error message stating "the file is being used by another process or you do not have the proper security permission to access this resource. Make a copy of your project file, then try to open the new file." I have resaved it as mentioned, and then when I go to open the file I receive the error message again. The only way I am able to open the file is selecting it from the "recent" menu. 



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Lauren Connelly

Hi Chuck!

Can you try saving it to another location, like "Documents" or "Desktop"?

To keep this from happening, make sure you're saving the file as a different name every time it's saved. One approach that I use is to save a file using the date, and then add an additional number after. Like "SampleCourse12.19-1". 

Let me know if you are still seeing the error message!