Error Message When Publishing

Hi Community,

I was about done with a Storyline 2 project, but when I tried to publish I got an error message (see attached). It had no error number, so I don't know what went wrong. I tried publishing from a colleague's Storyline, same result. I tried importing the content to a new file and publishing from there, same result. I suspect something in the content is causing the error, but I don't know what I should look for or where to look. Has someone encountered this and found a solution?


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Matthew Bibby

Save a separate copy of your project to make sure you don't lose your work while going through this process. 

In the duplicate file, delete half of the slides and try and publish. If it publishes, then you know the issue is with one of the slides you deleted. If it doesn't, add those slides back in and delete the other half. Repeat this process until you've identified the problematic slide, then you can do the same with objects on that slide to identify the object that is causing the issue. 

Does that make sense?

Tin Telesforo

Thanks, Matthew! Yes, I tried to do this and I was able to isolate the scenes (there are several) that seemed problematic. But I don't know what sort of issues they have, because on their own these scenes published okay. I guess there could be conflicts of some sort when I they're together. I just couldn't figure out where they are.

Gillian Danilo

I tried all sorts of things then found another publishing issue query - It suggested I save as the file (for a copy) then work through deleting each (or a number) of slides then trying to publish to identify any slides with issues. I worked through my story and identified a branching slide which I deleted and the rebuilt from scratch - this fixed the publish issue.