Error Message When Publishing

May 02, 2017

Hi Community,

I was about done with a Storyline 2 project, but when I tried to publish I got an error message (see attached). It had no error number, so I don't know what went wrong. I tried publishing from a colleague's Storyline, same result. I tried importing the content to a new file and publishing from there, same result. I suspect something in the content is causing the error, but I don't know what I should look for or where to look. Has someone encountered this and found a solution?


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Tin Telesforo

Thanks, Matthew! Yes, I tried to do this and I was able to isolate the scenes (there are several) that seemed problematic. But I don't know what sort of issues they have, because on their own these scenes published okay. I guess there could be conflicts of some sort when I they're together. I just couldn't figure out where they are.

Gillian Danilo

I tried all sorts of things then found another publishing issue query - It suggested I save as the file (for a copy) then work through deleting each (or a number) of slides then trying to publish to identify any slides with issues. I worked through my story and identified a branching slide which I deleted and the rebuilt from scratch - this fixed the publish issue.



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