Error Message when publishing from storyline

I created a slide from pp in studio with a couple of tabs. I made all amendments in player then published. When I imported via storyline and published (so to go into Rise) I received the following message: "There is already a variable with the same name in this project.

Merge: use the variable that is already defined in the project ...

copy and paste: the variable you are copying will be renamed."

I tried both options and each time the finished package in Rise was without all of my amendments e.g. labelling etc.

Repeated several times with same outcome even when changing the file name. Is there something I should be doing?

Thanks in advance for any help.


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Crystal Horn

Hi there, ONVU. It doesn't sound like you're doing anything out of the ordinary...

Do you have quiz slides or interactions that involve variables in the Storyline course?  

Also, when you are making adjustments to the player in Storyline, are you using the classic or the modern player?

Please attach either your Storyline or your original .PPT file with instructions about what amendments you made, and I'll be happy to test it out!