Error message when uploading on

One of our clients is publishing a module for LMS however the module gives the attached error when uploading on their LMS (SABA Version 7)

Can you advise?

I have submitted 2 cases to Articulate Support

(Case Number: 00419056 ReferenceID: ref:_00D30Txo._50040dHmyn:ref)

(Case Number: 00420107 Reference ID: ref:_00D30Txo._50040dyiuv:ref )

But have not received a response



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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Cynthia,

My apologies for the delay in not responding to the cases you opened. It appears that our filter marked them as Spam and I have my team checking into why that may have occurred. In the meantime, I've reopened this case with our Support engineers so that they'll be able to offer some advice, troubleshooting and if necessary provide directions on how to share your Storyline file.