Error Message when using multiple fill-in-the-blank entries in a quiz

Today I set up a quiz that has multiple fill-in-the-blanks entries according to a fantastic instruction by Jeanette Brooks where the "Correct" and "Incorrect" text boxes are refered to off the screen in order to trick Storyline 2 into using multiple answers in a pick one quiz..

I've done everything step by step, but when I test it, I get the error message "You must complete the question before submitting." Actually, I got the "Correct" trigger to work when I type in the correct answers... the message appears when I type in the incorrect answers (I should get the "Try Again" message.)

Any thoughts as to what I'm doing wrong? Why would one side ("Correct") work and the other ("Incorrect") act like it isn't seeing the trigger?

Thanks in advance for any help!


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Jon Light

Never mind... I figured it out, thanks.

The "Submit action Pick One 1 - "Pick One"..." trigger that Storyline 2 made when I did the Pick One quiz had to be placed below all the others in the list of triggers.

It works fantastic now! I knew it had to be something simple.

My thanks to Jeanette Brooks for the initial instruction video!!!!


Kandice Dickinson

I'm having a similar problem and I could really use some help with someone explaining to me the step of selecting "text entry. " I think this may be where i keep having issues? I've followed the tutorial that explains how to set up a pick one in free form. (love it). But i am somehow missing a step.

The error i am getting is that my response is always correct. Even when i type an incorrect answer.

I've attached the test it is #35.  Thank you so much for anyone who can help me understand what exactly i am doing wrong.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Kandice,

Thanks for sharing the .story file here. Your triggers are set up to check the value of a text variable you have set with the default value of "log off" - which is one of your correct answers. What you'll need to do instead if have your correct/incorrect triggers check the value of the "textentry" variable on that slide - as that is where the user is entering text and their response being captured.

Also, for your correct trigger you'll want to use the "or" condition as it seems there are multiple possible answers, and it also seems you've got multiple possible variables it could match. No need for those variables, as you can set what the "textentry" variable should match too. 

Kandice Dickinson

Thank you Ashley for your help! Okay, I made those changes and now I am getting a "you answered that correct" on correct answers, but on incorrect answers i am getting the "invalid answer" rather than the "you did not answer that correct."

I think i set up the text entry part right this time (still on question #35 in the test), but i am now wondering if the "and/or" conditions are wrong? I did change the correct trigger to "or" since there are multiple acceptable answers, and i changed the incorrect trigger to "and". Is that the problem?  I've attached it to show you. thanks again!