Error plus incomplete/inaccurate info displayed when viewing list of variables and Usage for variable (SL3)

Since upgrading to SL3, I have experienced an error that is 100% consistent and reproducible, but I'm unable to find any other discussions on the topic.  Every time I open the "Variables" window and click a numeric link in the "Use Count" column, the "Articulate Storyline Error Report" window pops up: "Sorry, something went wrong...What were you doing when this happened?...Add your email (optional.)"  Clicking "SEND" is the only option, so this has been sent multiple times over the last few months, and I usually add details and my email address.  When the Error Report window closes, the "Usage for variable" window DOES display, but only ONE instance of the variable's usage is listed, regardless of the use-count shown on the Variables window and regardless of the number of times I KNOW the variable has been mentioned.

Before submitting the ticket today and posting here, I verified my software is up-to-date.  I'm hopeful the ticket-submission will get better results than "Sending" the error via the internal "Error Report" window functionality, but I'm just curious to see if this consistent error is ONLY consistent for me?!?!  Thanks in advance for sharing your experiences (or pointing me to another discussion thread where this has been asked/answered)!

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Katie Riggio

Hi there, Chris. Really sorry you're running into those issues – it's no fun, so let's get that fixed!

I wanted to first mention that sending the error report generates information for our team to help investigate potential bugs. I'm sorry if the verbiage of that message was confusing.

I also saw you already opened a support case with a .story file attached – great move! Our team is reviewing the file and you should hear back from someone in terms of next steps soon. In the meantime, I might suggest the following tips:

Chris Barnett

Follow-up with "conclusion" from the support team....

The assigned support-agent imported my slides into a new project-file and that seemed to resolve the issue.  We're going with "corrupted file" as the culprit, even though I always and only work on a local drive, save frequently, copy previous-versions to a shared-drive for safe-keeping, etc.  Pretty much all the recommendations to avoid and work-around a corrupted file are already my SOP (learned the hard way, of course).  I'm not building as many SL3 projects at the moment, so I'll keep an eye on whether this occurs with other files.  Thank you!

Walt Hamilton

Files or objects on slides can become corrupted in a number of ways: you may be holding your mouth wrong when saving, a random quark may fly through your hard drive, the moon may be in the wrong phase, your cat may be searching for his second neuron, and accidentally grab a spare electron; who knows. But since it happens a lot more often to SL than other programs, I blame the random Articulate gremlins.