Error Report when previewing scene with Draw from Question Bank

I cannot preview a scene with a Draw from Question Bank slide. Neither can the file be published as long as this error persists. Error is removed if the Draw from Question Bank slide is deleted, which means that I can't use this function anymore. This happens with every new file, and I have to import a scene from a previous file containing a Draw from Question Bank slide that did not have this error. Nevertheless, this error is still irritating.

It cannot be a corrupted file because the error persists even with a new file and nothing else in it except a single scene with the Draw from Question Bank slide. There's a single question bank with a couple of test questions in it. I have tried reinstalling the software (SL 2)up to the most recent update and the error is still there. The OS is Windows 10. If there's anybody familiar with this error, I would appreciate any help. Thanks so much.

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Crystal Horn

Hi Celito.  Can I ask, what is the error that you are seeing?  You could even attach a screenshot to your reply.  

It is weird that this error will happen with a brand new file and question bank, but it doesn't happen with your previous file.  Is it one type of slide in particular, or a slide with a certain type of content (e.g. mp4 or image file)?

Since it happens on new files with new content, it would seem to me that it is an issue with the software.  It sounds like you've already done a repair of Storyline 2, so you might want to take a look at these steps to correct erratic behavior.  I would also recommend submitting a support case to our engineers so that they can investigate what's happening.  Keep us in the loop on how you're making out!