Error Report when publising to SL2

Has anyone received an error report when trying to publish a course to LMS in the last 24 hours? I keep getting this. I sent the error report to SL as well as created a case and no response yet. This is prohibiting me from publishing any courses and we have courses waiting to be pushed out to 400 users. I have attached a screenshot of the error screen. Any help anyone can provide would be sincerely appreciated.

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Bonita Hayes

Hi Jodi, 

This happened over a year ago so I had to go back through my emails :-) Leslie had no problem publishing the file to an LMS so she advised me to import the slides into a new file and then try publishing again. From what I can see in the email conversation it looks like it still didn't let me publish to our LMS but it did let me publish to web so we just provided a URL link to the training instead. Hope this helps.