Error Sending Storyline Example

I am interviewing for a new job and the employer asked me to send them a quick example of a training in StoryLine.  I did not have my work computer, so I had to download the 30 day free trial.  I published the file and am trying to send the HTML file so the employer can view my work.  I tested the HTML link with two people in chrome and IE and both just get a 'website not found' error.  This is due tomorrow, so any help would be GREATLY appreciated.  Thanks!

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Glenn Jones

Why don't you publish it to Articulate Tempshare:

You'll be given a unique URL which is "alive" for 10 days, after which it won't work...but you can always re-publish it and send an updated link.

Failing that, why not publish the project using the "To CD" option, zip it up and send them the zip file over something like DropBox?