Error - The project file could not be saved.

Hi there,

AS2 become one of the most usuable tool these days.It has given me a chance to dig the tool a little more. While using AS2, there is an error I got after recording the simulation. The error shows up once I am trying to save my project (story.file). Please see the screenshot below.


 It doesn't show often but when it comes then you have to re-record the simulation again. No one wants to record what's already recorded. :(

Quick Work Around: There is a quick work around that will save time and rescue you from re-recording. Please follow the instructions below if you are experiencing the same problem.

1)Select and Copy all the slides by using CTRL -A (select all slides) and CTRL - C (Copy the slides).

2) Double-click AS2 to lauch the software again with a blank template . (Note: Don't close the existing one. You can launch the software multiple times.)

3) Paste it and save your work as a project file.





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