Error - Unable to Acquire LMS API

Jul 31, 2020

I get Error - Unable to Acquire LMS API when launching a SL360 module on Axonify from the index_lms.html file.

  • I get the same error if I launch the module on local from index_lms.html.
  • It runs as expected if I launch the module from the story.html file.
  • The module opened correctly until I changed the player settings to Open in New Window. So the issue seems to be caused by the player setting, but it the LMS should find the xml schema and manifest prior to that.
  • I can't understand how a player setting would cause the module to not play based on not finding the LMS API. What is the purpose of launching the course from index_lms.html? How is this file different from story.html?

Any ideas, Heros?


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Katie Riggio

Hello there, Brent!

Thanks for taking the time to share what's going on.

✏️ Quick Notestory.html is typically used for publishing to web. Most LMSs require pointing to index_lms.html in order to identify the file that launches the course. If the LMS doesn't require a particular launch file, then you could likely use story.html, but the LMS admin will know specifics.

If Axonify automatically launches content in a separate browser window, we don't recommend setting Storyline to launch content in a new window. Otherwise, an LMS communication error like this one could occur.

If you can share the .story file, we're happy to review the project in SCORM Cloud as a baseline test. You can use this private upload link.

Let me know if this helps! 

Brent Whittaker

Thanks, Katie. 

I'm attaching my story project. I set my player to open in a new window and expand to the player window to make it play larger in the LMS player window. The really odd thing is Axonify will play this course correctly if you browse to the course directly in the Axonify library. When my users click an exact link to the course index_lms.html, they get the error the LMS can't acquire the SCORM API. I don't know why a link would cause this error, since the LMS should hit the file and go directly to the SCORM XML schemas PRIOR to playing the module. So it would access the file far before it attempts to open in a new window. I'm confused why this would cause a SCORM error and why it seems to be related to accessing the course using a link. 

Let me know what you think and thanks for your assistance!


Katie Riggio

Good morning, Brent!

I appreciate you sharing the file so we could take a closer look.

When clicking Launch course in Chrome 84, the error "Error initializing communications with LMS" appears. Here's a short video of my test and a link to the hosted content on SCORM Cloud.

Though for Storyline 2, I wonder if this article is related:

I'd like to get a second opinion from our Support Engineers to see if we could gain further insight from the debug logs. Look out for an email, and I'll follow the conversation!

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