Error when copying slides between story files


Just tried to copy a slide between story files. This is a slide based on a template and has some markers in it. When I copy the slide to the new project, it either leaves out the markers or some of the design elements of the template. This is the first time I am facing this. I have copied similar slides between the same 2 story files in the past without any problem. Not sure what is going wrong this time. I have tried copying the slides to a new story file and am having the same issues. I have copied the original and the copied files into a story file that I am attaching here. Help please



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vineetha charles

Hi Sampath,

Why don't you try importing the story file from which you want to copy into the one you are working on. Just click on the Articulate icon on the top left hand corner, select Import>Storyline.

This helps me when I am facing any issues in copying files from one story to another.

Hope this helps