Error when opening files - Used by another process


each time I re-open one of my projects I get the following error:

The File "name of file" is being used by another process or you do not have the proper security permissions to access this resource. Make a copy of your project file,then try to open the new file"

It's getting a little tedious always having to make copies of the files - can you please assist in how to remove this error?

Thank you

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Mylene Allard

I'm having the same issue as Kristy here. I've been compulsively saving new versions of my file, and now after a whole day of work, I cannot open ANY of my backed up files as they seems to be corrupted...I'm crying out loud right now.

I just opened a ticket and hopefully someone can assist me and do a miracle.

Layla Dawson

Hi are there any updates on the cause of this issue. 

I can really use some helpful tips. My colleague has been working on a SL module for several days now with no issues until today.  This course is high priority "The Project File Is being used by another process or you do not have the proper security permissions to access this resource".  An incident was opened up but I hope there are updates as to why this error message is occurring. 
Thank you. 

Ren Gomez

Hi Layla,

Thanks for reaching out! There are a couple of helpful tips to be aware of when this error pops up:

Work Locally

In many cases, working from a network drive can cause issues with the file, such as corruption or an inability to save. Be sure you're working on your local hard drive (typically your C: drive) when creating, editing, and publishing Storyline courses.

Check for Automated Processes

If you are already working locally, please also check if other processes might be accessing the .story file, such as a backup software running, antivirus software scanning the folder where the story is saved, or file-syncing applications like Sharepoint or Onedrive. These can cause your projects to be locked.

Our support engineers should be able to provide more insight once they dig into the case you mentioned!