Error when uploading to LMS: data.gz

Hey everyone,

First time posting in this forum. Hoping you guys can help. I'm trying to upload the zipped folder of a Story I created and the LMS is giving me an error: "File type is not allowed: data.gz"

When I publish, I'm making sure LMS is selected, that it's SCORM 1.2, and then I'm zipping the output. The LMS will only take zipped files so what am I doing wrong? I've done this many times before so I'm not sure what's different this time.

Edit: I did have to upgrade the file from SL2 to SL3...that's the only thing I can think of that makes this a different scenario than all the others.

Thanks guys,



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Deepak Mohanty

Hi Ken,

Recently, I shared this in another thread. Well, I would like to know which LMS you're using?

In my case, I'm using SumTotal LMS and there is an option where an administrator can add the uploading file type to a list of acceptable file types. This way, the LMS can accept any file type.

However, if your LMS doesn't have that option, before publishing you need to uncheck the option that says - Use Articulate Mobile Player for iOS or Android. This option creates the specific file type gz. 

Let me know if this helps. Have a nice day!