Error while importing PPT into storyline

Could you please throw some light on the following error i receive?

Here is an image of the error that I get when I try to import a PPT into storyline. What could be this error? I have removed all the animations, ungrouped all the items and tried several times, but its the same error that i get. Tried this on my colleague's machine as well. We even tried copy pasting all the slides in a new PPT and importing that into storyline. But the result is same.

Please help soon!

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Bruce Graham

Hi Divya, and welcome to Heroes (albeit not under the most happy of circumstances!).

Question - if you create a completely new PowerPoint, does this still happen, or is it just this one?

Create a new .ppt with a couple of objects, try to import, and see what happens.

It sounds like something specific within this file, but just need to isolate that.


Divya Ranadive

Hi Bruce, Thanks for your prompt reply.. Actually, it is just this PPT that articulate refuses to import. We tried copy pasting all the slides in a new PPT and importing that into storyline. But doesnt work.. :(.. We are wondering, if it is something to do with any particular element used in the PPT, that is not allowing it to import.. But we fail to identify which it is! :(

Bruce Graham


Not sure what the error means, but this is what I would used to be called a "binary split".

Try and import one half of the course, then the other.

You should, (if all is well...), get at least half of the course.

Continue to do this until you have identified a page that is causing the error, then rebuild that from scratch.

It's worth a try to at least get you started?


Divya Ranadive

Hi both,

We were finally able to resolve the issue..

Here's what we did:

- Saved each slide of the original PPT as a seperate PPT, and imported such 25 PPTs under the same scene in Storyline.

-This helped us in identifying the particular slide that was throwing this error.

But even then, I still wonder, why it didnt import one slide at a time from the same PPT. Is it coz Storyline treats the PPT as one file, and no matter which slide is defective, it will still give that error?

Would like to hear on that..

And thanks a lot to you both for the help

Will post again.. hopefully nothing to do with errors next time! :)