Error while importing questions from Excel file


I have read and followed the tutorial about this ( ) and created an Excel file using the template provided.

I get a strange error message while trying to import it in Storyline, "Call was rejected by callee". I have the same message when I try to import the Excel file I downloaded from the tutorial.

Any idea about this?

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Alex

If you have:

  • followed all steps in the tutorial
  • are working on your local drive
  • have the excel file and Excel installed on local

I would try  creating a new project file and re-importing the file in?  

I had no trouble importing the file you attached - see video sample.

If it is still not working - I would log a support ticket with Articulate.


Update: I found this comment on a forum about the error message

I ran into this same error being thrown when I deployed my application onto a machine without a fully activated and licensed installation of Excel. I spent hours trying to diagnose the issue. Make sure you check your Office installations to make sure they are complete.