Error with Audio After Publishing - Storyline 2

Jul 18, 2018


I recently published a project using SL2. When I play it using story_html5.html I continue to not have audio for one particular slide. Not sure what to do to get the audio back. This is how my SMEs will review and I cannot send it like that. Used IE and Chrome.

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Leslie McKerchie

Hey Jaqueline,

How are you publishing and viewing the content? Please be sure you are viewing in the uploaded published environment as many features will not work properly when viewing locally.

You can check out our supported viewing environments here, and note that IE is not a supported environment for HTML5 content.

Here is some additional documentation on publishing and sharing your Storyline 2 project. We also advise sharing the story.html file so that Storyline can determine which version of your content to display. 

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