Errors - Firefox but not chrome or IE

Has anyone else experienced errors with their storyline modules with different internet engines?

The modules have been created in Storyline 1 and one of my clients has two errors appear when he runs the course in Mozilla Firefox, but the errors don't appear in IE or Google Chrome. 

Anyone had any similar issues?



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Alexandros Anoyatis

These are quite interesting. Haven't run on these bugs before - especially with regards to Firefox.

I'm not quite sure what to make of the first bug - can't really tell why firefox doesn't like it, you might need to temporarily recreate the slide (better do it manually), and then test it; if the new one works, just replace the slides accordingly.

As for the second one, I already assume text is already correctly placed on the timeline, so as a workaround maybe you could make the textbox appear half a second in the slide, instead of the beginning - maybe that will work.

Hope this helps,

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Amy,

Certainly unusual if you're not able to replicate the same errors in Firefox. Do you know what browser version you're both using? have you checked the flash version associated with it as well? You will also want to confirm that you're both testing the published output within the intended environment as testing it locally could be a part of the problem your client is running into. If you need a testing environment you may want to look into one of the options in this article. 

I'm also happy to test in my version of Firefox and you can either share a sample of the .story file or a link to the course itself.