Errors when publishing to Review

Feb 23, 2018

I have a large .story file that I published as individual scenes to make reviewing easier.

Recently, when re-publishing scenes to Review using the "Publish new version of an existing item" option, strange things happen.

I select a scene (let's say Scene 3) in the "Publish new version of an existing item" field, and select Scene 3 in the "Publish:" field in "Properties".

When I publish it, Storyline disregards the selections I made and publishes Scene 3, as a completely different scene, Scene 12.  

This behavior is consistent, and I have seen the value in "Publish new version of an existing item" change in front of my eyes while my hands were nowhere near the computer.

The behavior also happens after a hard reboot.

Right now, I am just repeatedly attempting to publish the scenes, and it is taking forever to get through the list without any errors.

I have submitted a help ticket, but it is going to be a few days before I hear back from them.

Has anyone else had this happen to them? (videos of errors below)

Thanks very much!

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Crystal Horn

Hi there Steven.  Thanks for those videos.  It isn't the behavior that I would expect, either, so I'm glad you're working through it with us.

I see that Miker responded to see if you can reproduce the issue using his test file.  Once you're able, can you respond back to him with the results?  I'll follow along in your support case, as well!

Steven Landry

Hi Crystal, Miker

I was finally able to find time to run the test file you guys sent over.
Same issues as before. Here are the videos, whenever it glitches I circle
the combo box with my mouse several times. I saw it switch once on its
own, as well as several times when I clicked through the options tabs on
the right.

Also, I did this batch of tests on a completely different computer than the

Thanks, sorry it took so long.

*Test 1*

*Test 2*

*Test 3

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