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Nancy Woinoski

Hi Josephine, there is way to do what you want but it is not perfect.  I have attached a story file that shows the setup.

The first thing I did was to create a blank slide and then added a Text Entry field (TextEntry) to the slide.

Next I converted the slide into a freeform slide by clicking "Convert to Freeform"

I used the Pick One option and selected  Text Entry as correct answer. I used this option because the convert to freeform option does not support survey style questions.

I created a new scene and added another slide that is set up exactly the same way as the first slide. By default the text entry field will be labeled TextEntry1 for this second slide but you want to change this to TextEntry so that this slide and the first one are using the same text variable. 

Both these slides point to a blank results slide which contains a custom Edit Essay button that jumps to the second freeform Pick One Slide.

This method allows the user to edit the essay as much as they want. The only downside is that it does not record the survey text in the results.  I guess if you want the users to be able to save what they have written you could add a javascript print button to the results page.

Ron Lutka

The question is a great one but the answer is disappointing however this chain is over three years old therefore there is hope. Since then has Storyline been updated to allow learners to return to essay questions and edit them and have the revised essay print on the printed results? This is how the paper world works and this is how we have designed our training. However we are struggling to program our training to allow learners to return to the essay slides and edit essay text and have the revised essays print. In our case it is a necessity as we want learners to start to populate essay 5 as they work through essays 1 through 4 and gain insights. And we want them to be able to return to essays 1 through 4 as new ideas pop into their minds as they work through all the essays and gain new points of view. We badly need this ability. Is there good news out there?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Ron,

What version of IE were you using? The latest would be IE11. 

Browsers can handle items such as text entry a bit differently, so I took a test of it in IE11 and Microsoft Edge. Within Edge it behaved the same as Chrome and within IE11 I saw the behavior where clicking in the text box selected all the text and I could only change the entire thing - not just edit one word. Based on that it seems that the newer browsers are handling the behavior a bit better.

Can you share recommended browsers with your customers?