Essay question issue - users must complete twice - URGENT!

Houston -- We have a problem! In our Storyline course, we have a final section where the learners answer a series of essay questions based on their course experience. We're receiving a report from the client that users are completing the questions, submitting them, and then the same questions are showing up again at the end, so they have to do them again! This is not just a quick multiple choice -- they would have had to think and compose their essays, etc.

Has anyone experienced this sort of behavior before?

I've asked the client to try to get some screenshots, find out if it's particular questions, etc, but I cannot see anything wrong with the code.

Please help!

Thank you,


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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Ellen,

Are the questions part of a question bank? It's possible if you've included a number of questions in a question bank that is randomized the user could be presented with the same question again. It is more likely to happen in a question bank with a small number of questions, and if you're drawing from that bank at multiple spots throughout the course (say on slide 3 and slide 5, each time counts as a new draw - hence it could be the same questions, sometimes.) 

If you're able to share the .story file here we're happy to take a look and see if there is anything else such as triggers jumping them to a particular slide. If you'd prefer to share privately, you can also send along here.