Essay submissions in LMS

Hi, This issue seems to be in the gray area between the Storyline and the D2L (LMS I am using), but I really do not know where to go with it. My courses have essays and when students submit them we do not see those submissions in the LMS. When I publish, I select this particular report slide for tracking. Are there any other settings I should do in SL. Any tips in additional set up in the LMS? Thank you in advance!


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Tamara Tarasova

Update on the issue - this is what I received from the Desire2Learn support:  "we don't save those essays that the student wrote in SCORM anywhere. We only record data from SCORM javascript calls such as user info, location where the user is in scorm, score... not actually content unless its programmed to send to the LE using SCORM javascript calls." Any comments will be greatly appreciated!

Tamara Tarasova

Hi Ashley,

Thanks for response! After digging into the community postings, I also realized that I I might have set up not the survey result slide and, as I understand now, for the LMS to read the text inputs, it should the the survey one. Do you think that that might resolve the issue? Or per information that I gave it does not matter? Thanks again!

Tamara Tarasova


I submitted the support case on the matter and it seems that the only way out is the JavaScript. We do not have in-house expertise on it and after checking the sample codes, it seems to be fairly easy. I would be most grateful if anyone in the community would share the code for submitting an assay to the D2L. (Note on the previous message from Aushley - yes, this work fine in Scorm Cloud - it is the D2L where the problems are). Thank you very much!