Essay Survey Question reporting Cornerstone LMS


I'm looking for ideas on how to track/view responses to Essay Survey Question created within Storyline360 through the Cornerstone LMS.  I'm publishing the course using Skorm 2004. The essay style question is ideal for gathering a user's thoughts on a particular topic; however, I can't figure out a way to pull the essay responses through Cornerstone's custom reporting functionality.  Unfortunately, searching Cornerstone's Online Help hasn't yielded any results.

Any ideas or feedback is welcome!


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Devlin Peck

I’m not sure how you can do this or if it’s possible with Cornerstone’s reporting functionality, but you can definitely do this with xAPI!

Here’s a tutorial that could help ya out (although you may want to go through the beginner tutorials linked at the beginning of the article if you’re completely new to xAPI):

Let me know if you have any questions!