Estimated running time for course & each moduke.

Jul 13, 2020

Hi All,

I am suppose to find out the following information for the course

1)  Estimated running time for course 

2) Estimated running time for each module

I referred to some previous discussion and figured that the info to the run time for course is in Project info under the Publish tab. However, the duration under the project info is showing only 7 minutes  (calculated automatically). This is incorrect in my opinion. I am sure there is another way to figure this out. Please help. Thanks.


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Judy Nollet

It's easy to calculate seat time if a course is fully narrated; just add up the timelines. But adding up timelines doesn't help for a text-based course, since one could fill a slide with text but set the timeline to 1 second. 

If you search the Forum for "seat time," you'll find a lot of options and opinions. For text-based courses/modules, one way is to get a word count and then estimate how long it will take someone to read the content. A simpler option is to just estimate a rough time/slide and multiple that by the number of slides.

Keep in mind that those methods are just educated guesses. Someone's final seat time will be based on how fast they read, how much they already know, how motivated they are to comprehend the info, etc. 

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