Evaluating Storyline alternatives, need info on your proposed responsive mobile course player

Our team has been using Storyline for a few years, but a "mobile first" mandate is forcing us to evaluate your competitors. 

Thanks to Arlyn Asch for providing the "Delivering E-Learning in a Mobile World" post, which outlined Articulate's stance on m-Learning and discussed upcoming initiatives.

What I need to keep Storyline in contention is some additional information about the proposed release date of the responsive mobile course player. The only language in the post states, "We’re currently developing this responsive mobile player and will release it to market as soon as possible."

I'm sure that supporting the mobile experience has been keeping a lot of engineers busy, but I need a ballpark time frame of when this new course player will be released to stave off those who seek to displace Storyline as our authoring tool. Any guidance you can provide will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your attention to this request,

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Erich, 

Unfortunately we're unable to offer time frames or share information in regards to release dates publicly, so I don't have an answer to that particular question. It is something that our team is actively working on and once we do have information to share we'll be certain to post here in the forums as well. 

Heather Hossfeld

Ashley, we're in the same situation as Erich. I understand that you aren't able to release very much information in advance, but a timeline is crucial. We're looking at a major project that would be used offline on iPads for an employee group -- I thought the mobile player would work for this, but when I went to download it for testing I see comment after comment saying it's not working with iOS 9, and yet it hasn't been updated. We have many other multi-module projects in the pipelines for which we expect to rely on Storyline, but as you know, clients are demanding more and more platform flexibility and right now we are struggle too make guarantees. 

I did read the white paper as well, and it sounds like you do have a lot of great stuff coming! Aside from timelines, are you able to answer a question about the new mobile player -- specifically, I'm wondering if it will allow for offline use? 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Heather,

There was also a fix specific to iOS9 that you can read more about here. That should at least get you going using the output on iOS9 devices with or without the Mobile player. The current mobile player does allow for offline use, although a user will first need wifi to download the content and it's not supported for Tin Can content based on the need to communicate with the LMS. 

Heather Hossfeld

Thanks Ashley. We have had people using our various Storyline projects on iPads for some time and it works well -- when the projects are posted within a website online. Some clients have expressed a desire for an offline iPad tool that I would be able to build using Storyline quite nicely; it's the distribution and offline use of the project once it's built that is at issue! I see that the current mobile player should support that but am concerned about all the reviewers citing problems with it since iOS9 was released -- though Storyline 2 itself was updated, it doesn't appear that the AMP was updated. Is that correct?