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Rahul Jain

Thanks Phil. I "fixed" (if I may use that word) in another way. What I needed to do was to show a layer when the lightbox closes. I added a trigger to each photo (which launches the lightbox) to show the layer when the user clicks. This trigger has a higher priority than the one which shows the lightbox. When I now click on the image, it launches the lightbox and when the lightbox is closed, the new layer is shown.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Barry!

I can confirm that we certainly do provide support :)

I see where you have submitted your feature request, so thank you. Glad that Brian was able to share the link you needed.

I thought it may be helpful to share both how we handle feature requests and how we tackle bugs.

I see one support case where you shared an animation bug that you found, but perhaps I'm not looking in the right spot, so please share if you'd like me to pop in and check on anything. I'd be happy to assist.

Leslie McKerchie

No worries Barry! I do not have an update to provide on the reported issue, but it is tied to your support case and you would get an e-mail update if/when applicable. There is not a user-facing interface for tracking, but we keep it linked to each individual support case and/or thread affected. I've added this thread as well as a back-up :)

Jenny Merritt


This thread is 7 months old, so I just wanted to check whether this feature has been added.

I would like to trigger a "play audio" event upon lightbox close. Unfortunately, the workaround Rahul mentioned above won't work for this since the audio would begin playing as soon as the lightbox opens rather than upon closing.