Events based on session and visits once

Hi all! Trying out Storyline atm and can't find a solution to a problem.

I have a page where I've put a few animations, and also a zoom effect on a video for the duration of it's playtime. Now, when I enter the page this happens. What I'd like is for it only happening once during that session, i.e. for the duration of the course. I can understand that it's all renewed should I refresh the webcourse, but I'm wondering, can I set some sort of state that triggers events only once based on visit or similar?


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Jeanette Brooks

Hi Adrian! Try doing this: click the gear icon in the lower-right of your slide layer pane. This will open up the slide properties, and you can set the revisit option to "Resume saved state." This way, if learners return to that slide during the same session, the slide won't refresh; it'll appear as it did when they last viewed it:

Adrian Bara

Hey Jeanette! Thanks a lot, this would most certainly solve my problems! I actually achieved a solution myself, but in a very roundabout way, I copied all objects without animations to a second layer which started as non-visible. Then I activated that layer on timeline ending and deactivated the old layer, and used action events to see to it that the movie didn't start automatically. A stupid way to solve it now that I see the obvious solution! Thanks once again!


Jeanette Brooks

Glad that will work for you Adrian, and please don't feel bad about not knowing the "When revisiting" option was available ... there are a lot of amazing new features in Storyline to get acquainted with! When I first started using Storyline, it seemed like every day I would discover some new cool feature or option, and I'd be like "Really!? It can do that too?"