Exam attempt # and tracking in Scorm Cloud

Hi everyone! I've been working with SCORM Cloud on resolving this and I've reached out to Articulate support, but can't seem to find a solution thus far. I'm hoping that perhaps someone else has experienced this and was able to find a work around that I can implement and share. 

Our exams allow 2 attempts but unfortunately attempt # always comes back from Scorm Cloud as only 1, even when both attempts are used. We use Scorm Cloud as our LMS so I know that if it's not working there something may not be quite right with the published Storyline file.

Here's what we've done and what hasn't worked thus far:

  • Tested report status with passed/failed and passed/incomplete
  • Changed configuration.js file so that "REVIEW_MODE_IS_READ_ONLY = false" rather than true.
  • Published in SCORM 1.2
  • Published in SCORM 2004

Each attempt to resolve the tracking issue has not been successful. Do you have any other ideas as to why attempt # may not be tracking?

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Rachell!

This thread is a bit dated and I'm not sure if Lesley is still subscribed here. I was able to pop in and check on the case referenced and it seems that this was a limitation of the SCORM Cloud reporting:

According to SCORM Cloud's Forums, detailed learner attempts can be easily viewed in their narrative attempt history report, but they will not keep a journal of scores of the tests. A detailed explanation of attempt tracking in SCORM is available at here.

Lesley Cashman-Peck

Hi Rachel,

I was still subscribed to this! Unfortunately, we never found a solution. We ended up changing our business rules to allow for unlimited exam attempts until passing. This worked for us but may not be a possibility for you. Also, it's worth mentioning that after the last 4 years we are moving to an LMS, we simply outgrew SCORM Cloud and needed a more robust system.

Best wishes to you.