Exam Retake Issue

I am having exam issues. Exams are set to a 70% pass. I have one client that wants a 90% pass. Learners for this specific company get a 75% pass and then they cannot retake the exam to get a 90% because they have passed. Any possible solutions besides having multiple exports? Once you pass an exam you cannot retake for a better score.


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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Devon!

Most learning management systems (LMSs) consider a course to be in review mode when attempting it again after the completion requirement has been met. When in review mode, new data is not reported to the LMS. This prevents learners from accidentally changing their course status from complete back to incomplete.

If you'd like to change this default behavior, it's best to change it in the LMS. However, if you'd prefer to modify the published Articulate output instead, do the following:

  1. After publishing your course, navigate to the published output, and open the LMS folder.
  2. Right-click the Configuration.js file, and select Properties.
  3. When the Properties dialog opens, uncheck Read-only (if it's selected), and click OK.
  4. Then open the Configuration.js file in a text editor, such as Notepad.
  5. Locate the following text:
    • var REVIEW_MODE_IS_READ_ONLY = true;
  6. Change it to:
    • var REVIEW_MODE_IS_READ_ONLY = false;
  7. Save and close the Configuration.js file.
  8. Zip the modified output, and upload it to your LMS again.