Exams Marking Questions Improperly

Hi Team,

We recently added the ability for users to see their incorrect responses in the exams we have in Storyline. However, we have received screen shots from users showing questions marked as incorrect that they actually did answer correctly.

I double checked how the answers are marked in the file and they also set correctly. I checked that they are set up correctly in the question bank for all four exams.

This is very concerning as it affects user confidence, their ability to be promoted, as well as challenges the integrity of our department.

What else might we do/try to make sure the system grades the exams appropriately and reports the correct user results?

Thanks in advance!

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Philip Deer

Thanks for clarifying.

The slide properties are all set to "When revisiting: Automatically decide."

Just to make sure we are on the same page...what happens is they submit the exam (questions are set to submit all at once), then they have the option on the results slide (via buttons) to Review Results. Some of the questions are marking as incorrect even though they answered them correctly (we have confirmed at least 6 questions so far).

Thanks again for your help.

Philip Deer

We are still trying to find a solution.

In the meantime, I was able to find some interesting information regarding one the examples.

One question during the post exam review that came up as Incorrect does not appear in the SCORM session report at all. Thus it appears that question was not presented to the user nor did it affect the score. What might cause a question not presented during an exam to show up during  a results review?

All ideas welcome Thanks in advance!

Philip Deer

So I did some more digging. In the SCORM session report for the questions being brought up, those are showing as having no user response. However, in the review, the screen shot shows the questions as answered. What makes this more concerning is that when I tested this on my end and skipped questions, they show up in the review as unanswered.

What might cause questions to:
1. show up as incorrect in the review even when they show as answered correctly?
2. show up as having no user response in the SCORM session report even though they show as answered in the review?

Thanks in advance!

Neil Stevenson

Hi Philip,

I've had the same issue with correctly answered questions being marked as 'incorrect' (incorrect banner at bottom of screen) during review. All question slides are marked as "When revisiting: Automatically decide."

At first this seemed to be related to a large number of folks taking the test at the same time (~60) but then issues were experienced at lower volumes (~30) and then even a group of three individuals quality checking a course.

The common elements so far appear to be the use of questions banks in all cases and outputting as SCORM 1.2 in order to accommodate the SCORM requirements for our LMS.

Browser (Chrome) and version are almost universally consistent in our organization.

Reproducing the issue is very hit or miss. Not even clear if the same questions pose the issue each time. 

All questions have been reviewed to ensure they are setup correctly and work correctly in preview mode and once published.

Is this a Question Bank issue? Perhaps Question Banks and SCORM 1.2 don't play well together?

If anyone's experiencing the same issue then please let me know.

If anyone has the solution then definitely let me know :)


Justin Grenier

Hi, Neil.

One possible cause for incorrect feedback during review is that the suspend_data element within your SCORM 1.2 course is exceeding the limits of your LMS.  This would come into play only when a learner has suspended and resumed the course, which might explain the difficulty you've had with consistently reproducing the problem.

To confirm this root cause, you can enable LMS debug mode to watch your suspend data flow back and forth between your content and your LMS. By doing so, you can verify that the data returned by your LMS upon resume is the same data that your content sent upon suspend.

Please connect with our team if you have any further questions on this--we'd be happy to help!