Exceeded Suspend Data Limit in Storyline 360 Module

Oct 09, 2018

Hello, we have created a very customized assessment using Storyline 360 that has a question bank of 20 questions. the learner attempts 10 random questions in one attempt. The issue we are facing is related to the suspend data exceeding the maximum limit of 4096. (We are publishing as SCORM 1.2 as per client's requirement.)  Because of this issue, the bookmarking and resuming  feature is not working correctly. For example, if we attempt all questions, see our score on the Results screen, and then exit the course, the LMS shows the correct score we got. However, upon relaunching, we are not taken back to the Results page, but to any of questions in the assessment. We tested this on the SCORM cloud and investigated that this bookmarking feature is working incorrectly because of the suspend data exceeding the allowable limit of SCORM 1.2. This is a small course package with only 20 assessment questions. We even tried to limit the number of variables in the assessment coding so that the suspend data limit is not exceeded. But we are unable to bring it that down. Please note that having the bookmarking feature, and publishing as SCORM 1.2 is a requirement from the client that we cannot change. 

I have attached the source file here for your reference. Also attached is the error from our SCORM testing that shows that the limit has been exceeded. 

Would request you to please help us here to resolve this issue. An early response will be highly appreciated as we have only a few hours left to fix this and share the course with the reviewers. Thanks.


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