Exception during Import Powerpoint Paramater name: value

Hi all. I'm having an issue importing a group of Powerpoint slides into Storyline 360. I can import other Powerpoints with no issues. After trying all solutions found on the support site (First slide 1, not 0, updating PPT and Storyline) I'm looking for some insight. The failure happens on 2 separate computers, both running Windows 10, one with Office 2016, the other with Office 365 with latest updates. Error window as well as the powerpoint file attached.

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Thor Melicher

There is something going on with Slide 5 in this particular file.  After I delete it then I was able to import the file.

FYI - I also copied all of the slides and created a new file and the same issue occurred.

My recommendation would be to create a new .pptx file and copy slides 1-4 into it and then re-build slide 5 from scratch.

Hope that helps until you hear back from others on what might be causing the problem.


Thanks very much Thor. I looked into slide 5 and it turns out it was the color of the outline fill for the text box that was causing the issue. I changed it from a custom color to a standard orange and it imported fine. I changed all the outline and fill colors in the presentation to standard colors and all the slides import now.