Excessive SCORM calls to LMS - SL 360 v3.5.11153.0

May 22, 2017

Hi I have a reporting issue that I hope you can help me with. I am developing a course for a client with very specific needs. The course has 12 topics each with 3 questions. The questions are mostly pick one or pick many with a couple of free text answers at the end (not scored). The user has to get at least one Q right in each section so I have used Storyline scripting to jump to the next section if a Q is answered correctly - missing out the other QQs in the topic if necessary. This works fine as I have set the pass mark to 33% i.e. it’s only possible to get one Q per topic (or 3 QQs) right maximum, or no Qs right (failed that topic). The client wants to have more detailed reporting so I collect data using SL variables and use some JavaScript at the end to assemble a query string which is processed on a non LMS page of my design. The user’s learning record only records pass or fail.

In testing I have been having a problem with an excessive delay during the final submission from the results page - over 1 minute. I contacted the LMS provider (www.syntrio.com) and they studied the SCORM debug log and came back to me with this:

“I ran the course on the demo site on the new LMS and checked the SCORM communication logs between the course and the LMS.

When one hits the final "SUBMIT" button in the course, the course engages in a series of calls to the LMS using the SCORM communication protocol.

I checked the Debug Log, and saw that over 400 different calls are made by the course one after the other to the LMS upon hitting the final "SUBMIT" button. As to why the course is making these many calls, I have no idea, but that is why it is taking over a minute to see the final page. In fact, this will take even longer on the client site if lots of users are taking the course at the same time.

The course developer will have to find out why the course is making as many calls as it is making to the LMS.

None of these calls are initiated by the LMS, so there is not much we can do on the LMS end for the same.

Also, a 2nd investigation:

As you know, we only support SCORM 1.2 currently in the new LMS.

There is an element called "cmi_suspend_data" in the SCORM 1.2 data model.
This element has a limit of 4096 characters.

In the course in question, the course is trying to set value for this element which exceeds 4096 characters.
The LMS will not store the information if the data is more than 4096 characters.

While this does not seem to impact the course behaviour currently, I thought I should mention the same to you.

I am wondering if the course is being developed using SCORM 2004 reference model where the character limits are different.

Hope that helps.

The calls I assume, are being made by the course, so has something to do with the course tool. “

Do you know why the course is generating so many SCORM calls? The course is set up to use SCORM 1.2. I have attached the course for you to have a look at.

Thanks in advance,



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