Exclude Lightbox scene from production


In Storylione 2 I have added a scene containing lightbox slides and linked some buttons to the lightbox slides. That part is working fine, but now the light box scene appears in my course menu when I preview or publish. I also see that there is a link icon between the "main" scene and the lightbox scene.

So my question is how do I exclude the lightbox scene from the final production? There doesn't seem to be any to "break" the link between the scenes.  I attached a screenshot.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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Janis Goodheim

James... Did you find a solution to disjoining the Lightbox Slides scene from your other scene? I just had the same thing happen. For 4 months the Lightbox Slides scene has been a stand-alone scene. After publishiing, it's now connected to the other scene. (The Lightbox Slides scene contains slides used by three other scenes.) At least it didn't show up in my Menu.

Walt Hamilton

Story View is useful to, and seen only by you while you are in development mode. There is no way the learner can see it. So think of the link as an aid to you to know what links to what.

Yes, if the other scenes contains triggers to light box slides that are in the lightbox slide's scene, those triggers will be represented by the little red arrows. They can be removed only by deleting the triggers that say "lightbox slide ..."