.exe output issue


I work for a client who needs my module to be run on ie6 and flashplayer 10.

The storyline tech specs page says that it's ok.

when i publish my module for the web, there is no problem but when i export to an .exe file, my client is not able to open the module.

We have made some tries, the module didn't worked on a computer with ie6 and flashplayer 10.3 installed but then, it worked on the same computer after installing ie8 (flasplayer 10.3 too). So we arrived to the conclusion that the .exe output refer to the browser to run and may be not compatible with ie 6.

(we tried both .exe and .html files for the same result)

My client needs the .exe output so it's a major problem for me in this project.

Do you thinks there is any solution for this issue ?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Anthony,

You mentioned exporting to an .exe file, to do so, are you using the Publish to CD method or modifying the files once you've published for Web? Publishing to CD creates an .exe file to launch your Storyline course, but since you're deploying over the web, you'll want to follow the directions here to publish to web and load up those files to the website. 

Anthony LEPOT


I need my module to be deployed both on a LMS and localy, so I publish for an LMS and with the Publish to CD method too.

The LMS output works well online but my client wants to allow some user to run it directly from their computer and this cause some issues. For example, I have some flash activities using variables to communicate with storyline and sadly it don't work localy.

So I tried the CD output. It fixes the variable issue but my client isn't able to run it on its configuration. (ie6, flash 10)

to resume, 2 different outputs :

LMS output -> works online but has some issues localy

CD output -> works localy but not runnable on a ie6/flashplayer 10 configuration

hope I made the situation clearer.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Anthony,

Thanks for the additional information. So you're publishing it twice, and sharing it with users in two different formats. It sounds like the LMS issue works as expected when accessing it from the LMS side.

In regards to the CD output, this will allow you to run the files locally, so I'm a bit confused in regards to how it "works locally but not runnable on a ie6/flashplayer 10 configuration."  The publish to CD is not designed to allow you to load it to a website, and that may be what is causing you problems. If you need to share the Storyline files you'll want to follow these directions here 

Anthony LEPOT


I don't load the CD output to a website. I make a zip and share it via network drive or mail. Then the user copy the zip on his computer, unzip it and run the .exe ... It works on my coworker's computers but it don't works for my client.  After trying on different configurations, we notice that the exe don't run on a computer set up in win xp, with only ie6 and flashplayer 10 but after only  installing ie8 on the very same comptuter, the exe works well.

So i know that the exe is not supposed to use any browser but depending on which IE is installed on the machine, the .exe will run or not.

thanks for your time

Anthony LEPOT


the support has repported the issue to the quality assurance team for review. So wait and see....

But after more tests with the client we figured out that in fact she is not on ie6 as she told us but in ie8 ... (no comment, but we still need to make it works on ie6)

So her problem to run the .exe is different. We have finally  finded where her issue come from. It appears to be a problem due to the global storage settings.

when she launch the .exe, she has the loading icon spinning endlessly. So we change the global storage settings to allows flash to store data, and it makes the module run as intended.

So it didn't work because storyline may try to store some data and her settings block it. But we also figured out that if we allows flash to store data and set the allocated space to 0 octets, it's work too. So in fact the module don't need to store any data.

Our new question is : Is there a way to change some settings anywhere in the export file to make the module don't try to store data on the computer ?

thanks for your time and i'm still sorry for my poor english

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Anthony,

Thanks for letting us know what happened with your Support case, and that your client was in IE8 instead of IE6.  If you need to check items like that in the future, you may want to have them access the site supportdetails.com (where they could even email the results!) from their browser. 

I don't know of any settings you could change that would allow Storyline to stop storing data, unless it was connected to "Resume data" which you could turn off that functionality in the Player set up.