Execute-Javascript trigger: case-sensitivity of edited code not preserved?

I understand that Javascript is case sensitive.

I am running Storyline 2, build 6:1507.2315.

to recreate my issue:

1) create an execute-javascript trigger, with some code eg. lmsapi.setfailed();

2) remember that javascript is case-sensitive

3) open and retype over the old code to make some characters uppercase eg.  lmsAPI.SetFailed();

4) close trigger, expecting your changed uppercase characters to be saved.

5) re-open trigger. see your characters have reverted to lowercase

6) workaround: delete the text. close trigger. re-open trigger. re-type.


Anyone else seeing this?

Is it a bug?



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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi James,

Thanks for sharing that here - and I was easily able to replicate it following your steps so I've reported it to our QA team for additional review. I am unable to offer a time frame in regards to when I'll hear back from them regarding a fix, so please continue to use the workaround (that you also provided here) and once we have additional information to share we'll post here. 

James Reid

This goes wider than the javascript trigger text editor. I see the same issue for the Value field in a trigger. you have to delete the string (or replace with completely different characters), save the trigger, then re-open, type new string, and save again. otherwise case changes are not saved.