exemplars for developers to look at.

Hi all

I wondered if anyone might share a 'something I prepared earlier'. Our web developers are creating a new LMS (Opigno/Drupal 7) and I want to make some dummy content.

Ideally I'm after:

a few Big Storyline 360 course with multiple scenes and plenty of interaction and questions/answers.

some excel files with pre populated questions/answers to have a go at creating/managing some question banks.


many thanks for anything!


Theo Brandt

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David Anderson

Hi Theo -

You could always download an entire template set (or more) of Content Library templates to use as a "big course".

We have hundreds of downloads you could use but they're mostly 1-6 slides.

One thing users have done in the past is use 6-10 slides with content and quiz slides to test LMS reporting and tracking settings. I've attached a sample for you to look at.