Exit Activity does not automatically go to moodle in storyline 2

Hi All,

We have storyline 1 files that automatically go to moodle once the activity has finished as per the instructions/links below, however when we upgraded the files to storyline 2 this function does not work anymore. 

Is there a different method we have to follow to get this to work in storyline 2? 
We are using moodle version 2.5.3 (Build: 20131111).

Previous Instruction Links:
Bring the User Back to Mood
Dave Maxon Work Around

Thanks in advance. 

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Simon Wood

Hi Jude T,

While I'm not sure of an immediate solution; one thing I recommend is testing your course in SCORM Cloud just to verify that it's not your LMS itself that's acting strange.  At least you can then eliminate either Storyline or Moodle as the source of the issue.

Also, looks like there is some activity on this thread related to your question:  Storyline-Moodle Exit Activity