Exit animation won't execute on un-hidden object

Sep 26, 2016

I have a layer with a rectangular caption whose initial state is set to hidden. When a user clicks a hotspot on the same layer and specific conditions are not met, the rectangle's state is changed to normal. (Basically the rectangle is an error message telling the user they must complete x,y,z before moving forward.)

What I want is for that rectangle to disappear after a few seconds - I don't want it to stay visible while the user goes back to complete whatever steps they need in order to move forward.

I have the rectangle set to only ~2 seconds on the timeline, I have "show until end"unchecked, and I have an exit animation on the rectangle to fade. But it's not working! Once the rectangle appears, it stays up and doesn't fade out. I even tried adding another trigger to re-hide the rectangle when the user clicked outside of the caption, but that doesn't work either. (Users will be clicking on markers or controls like radio buttons or checkboxes after getting the error, but even just clicking the screen doesn't do it.) No timelines are being paused on any of the layers. Attached is a screenshot of the page. What am I missing? Looking for suggestions! Thanks! 

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Brande,

Thanks for sharing the screenshot here. I assume the object's initial state is also set to hidden based on you description and not just the top trigger shown? Since the timeline of the object is referring to the first two seconds of the overall timeline, my guess is that since that time has likely passed once the user has clicked the markers there isn't an actual "exit" to refer too any longer for the animation. Did you look at adding that item closer to the end of the timeline? 

Brande Morrison

Yes, the initial state is set to hidden. And what you're saying about the timeline makes sense... thank you for the clarification. But this means the only way the exit animation will work is if the error message (the rectangle object) is changed to normal before the timeline ends. I don't know how long each user will spend on the page, plus, I'm employing this on multiple pages. If I pause the timeline when the slide loads, and don't un-pause until the user takes the action which will either move them forward, or show the error, maybe that will work. 

Thanks for the help!

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