Exit animations for Layers?

Hi everyone,

I'm building an interaction in which learners first choose the personal protective equipment (PPE) they would wear for a particular job. After they are satisfied with their selections, they click a button to see how their choices affect their safety on the job. The design is in two layers. The base layer presents the various PPE they can choose, and the button to indicate they are done making selections. When that button is pressed, I show the other layer, which animates in a panel reviewing their choices on the left and a panel displaying a chart of how they are (or are not) protected across several important body parts (e.g., head, hands, eyes, etc.). This layer also has a Try Again button that allows them to go back and make different selections (in case they don't like the safety profile their current selections gave them).

My problem is that when I click the Try Again button, it appears that the only trigger I can use is to hide the layer. But that causes the layer to immediately disappear, which is not a nice-looking as the fancy animated transitions I implement at the start of the timeline when the layer is shown.

Is there any way I can have a layer smoothly fade out when the layer is hidden?



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