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Mar 03, 2014

OK Storyline experts, here's a challenge for you.

I want a pop-up warning that appears when the learner tries to leave the e-learning without completing the quiz. Sounds simple doesn't it?

Not so. Many slides have buttons which only allow the user to continue to the next slide when all have been visited. Because I only had swf's available, and I wanted a replay button on all my slides, the swfs have been inserted as movies and II have set the slide base layer to "Reset" when revisited.

This means that when the lightbox warning slide I have linked to a custom "Exit" button on the player is closed, the buttons on the base slide are all reset to their initial state and the user must play the whole slide again.

I have buttons/text on the lightbox warning slide whose visibility is triggered by the built in ScorePoints variable.

Ideally I want a popup that won't reset the slide, but will still let my replay button work, and even better works when the user closes the browser window (but I'm pretty sure tha'ts not possible).

Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Michael Hinze

Have a look at the attached file and see if that's what you wanted. I added two variables that signify completion of the two layers. Based on the value of these variables, I show the Visited state of both buttons. With this setup, the replay button still works (unless I missed something in your logic).

Steve McAneney

Thanks Michael. So you can override built in buttons states with triggers and variables? I didn't know that!

Your solution does indeed work, and I will certainly use it in the future.

For the moment though, I have achieved the same result by adding an exit button to the master slide instead in the player. This displays a different layer depending on the passscore variable.

Thanks again.

Edit: I added the storyline file for reference.

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