Exit button not marking module as complete

Good morning all,

I have recently refreshed an induction module at work (moved from NimbleAuthor to Storyline), however my new version is not marking itself as complete on the LMS (Cornerstone)...

There is a set of questions and the user must score 80% to pass, so I have set the final Exit button with a trigger of Complete course as Completed/Passed when user clicks Exit if (variable) >= 80

I have tried the module on SCORM Cloud as well, and that is also not acknowledging the completion!

What am I missing?! Any help/guidance/advice gratefully recieved!


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Judy Nollet

Hi, James,

Best guess at what might help: Verify that your completion trigger comes before the exit trigger. 

But why use a completion trigger when you can use a passing score as completion?  As long as there's a test and a Results slide, I think that checking the score is the simplest, surest way to mark completion.